Admiralty’s wide office rental range attracts businesses of varying sizes

Admiralty is widely regarded as an extension of Central’s Business District with Grade A office space and prestigious buildings.

There is a high concentration of financial, consultancy and professional services providers, and legal firms in the area.

Admiralty boasts five-star hotels, an MTR station, and up-market shopping malls.

The financial services sector has a large presence in Admiralty, with a significant number of banks headquartered in the area. It is also popular with law, business consultancy and professional services firms.

Widely regarded as an extension of the Central Business District, Admiralty is connected to the eastern border of Central by elevated pedestrian walkways, making Central easily accessible by foot within minutes.

Admiralty offers a wide range of office options. Mature commercial buildings on the district’s fringe, such as Generali Tower, offer reasonable rents, while the premium towers in the heart of the district command some of the highest rents in the world owing to their convenient location and Grade A office properties.

Although the average rates of offices in Admiralty are much higher than other districts in Hong Kong, the district boasts the largest office rental spread in the HK property market. It is therefore able to lure businesses of varying sizes and budgets, with prestigious buildings, including Three Pacific Place, commanding the highest sums.

This convenient location is also home to the Hong Kong Government’s new headquarters and a number of five-star hotels.

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